I started my photographic journey 10 years ago as a documentary photographer when someone gave me a camera and I started documenting my London squatter life on back in 2010. Nowadays my practice is evolving and focuses on an interdisciplinary methodology across mediums, currently concentrating on digital imagery, video, online archives, and traditional lens-based practices. I use myself and the people around me to tell stories or activate conversations. My practice is informed by a response to the perverse relationship between the photographic medium, power and consent. I want to use the camera to reverse and deconstruct ideas of the gaze. At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, I started exploring the political aspects of digital intimacy, when life began to be online more than ever. I do it by analyzing, manipulating, and reappropriating digital imagery.

My strategy is using subtle humor, collaborative practices and creating situations and letting things happen, staying in the role of director. Making myself vulnerable and exposing myself as in the same way I do with my subjects.