A Two Way


“Do you know the myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to perpetually push a giant rock up a mountain to the top, over and over? Taking pictures for OnlyFans a bit of the same”

How could I as a photographer establish a horizontal relationship with the subject I photograph? I spent 4 months helping Moon Baby, an OnlyFans content creator, to film material for her explicit content platform.

For our last photoshoot together, I booked a hotel room with a bathtub, where we spent two days. A two way is a multichannel channel video piece that presents a performed interview where Moon Baby and I talk about our own experiences and concerns about power structures within the online sex industry, as well as the classical documentary approach to sex work. During our conversation we reflect on the commodification of our bodies, the internet, community rules, censorship, power, stigma, otherness, representation, care, and desire.

EMAIL ME FOR FULL VIDEO LINK helenaroigprats@gmail.com