A Two Way


“Do you know the myth of Sisyphus, who was condemned to perpetually push a giant rock up a mountain to the top, over and over? Taking pictures for OnlyFans a bit of the same”

Moon Baby

While asking myself: How could I as a photographer establish a horizontal relationship with the subject I photograph? I spend 4 months helping Moon Baby generate audiovisual material for her OnlyFans porn account.

For our last photoshoot together, I booked a hotel room with a bathtub, where we spent two days. This video piece is a performed interview where Moon Baby and I talk about our own experiences and share our feelings and concerns about power structures within the online sex industry and the documentary approach to sex work.

Our conversation is a reflection on the commodification of our bodies, the internet, community rules, censorship, power, stigma, otherness, representation, care, and desire.

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