Send the Dick back


The violent aggressive way western society expresses sexuality is traumatizing for everyone.

Send the dick back is a project that invites people to intervene on unsolicited dick pics they receive to send them back to the original creator of the image. The use of humor is employed to expose and bring up this contemporary behavior. In many ways, these acts can be seen as a strategy for online self-defense.

I took the first step by sending unsolicited dick pictures I had accumulated on her mailbox and sent them to several artists who sent them back to me again, in digital art piece forms.

A game of consent and authorship plays a role in this project. The dick pics were sent to me without my consent so I'm also using them without the consent of the owners of the original images and the dicks.

*Authorship is also shared between me and each artist who intervened the dicks, the names and surnames of the artist are written in each image.